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January 3, 2022

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I am working on a project that would fundamentally change how humans view and interact with the people in their lives. We live in a world where more than ever people are less connected to each other as we spend most of our time interacting with a screen than interacting in person. This has led to a drastic drop in basic social skills amongst a lot of young people, we never barely make out time for the people we love in real life and this is a problem.

When I was younger, while everyone in the family was in the parlor watching TV you would find me in my room either listening to music, surfing the web, or just daydreaming about the future. Needless to say, I wasn't a very social person growing up, but as we grow and develop to higher versions of ourselves there comes a time when we begin to value the need for a healthy social relationship with real people. This usually happens after college for most people when you realize how big the world is and how everything you ever need is one or two connections away, we begin to value having a healthy social circle, but there is no way to manage or keep records on your circle. You just kinda have to remember important dates, events, or meetups.

Now being a guy in his late twenties, trying to navigate the world as an introvert can often feel like a fool's errand, firstly no one invites me for anything anymore because I never went and even if I were invited again I probably won't go. But I do crave social connections but on my terms, I can be social when I have mentally prepared for it. Lately, I started working on my social skills and found myself using tools like apple notes and contacts to keep track of who I'm meeting and little short notes about them (like where they are from, birthdays. etc) so I don't forget. But these tools weren't created for that purpose as we do have not really tools that help us keep track of the people we meet in real life. The contact app is great but it's rather limited in its functionality. Being a Unicorn product manager I have deiced to build a tool to solve this problem for me and anyone else who wishes to build grow more meaningful social connections.

So I welcome you to project C,

The problem

People who are interested in building more meaningful social connections often find it difficult to grow and maintain meaningful relationships after meeting people in person or online because they don't have any tools and processes that help them build and grow their connections.

Target Users

This product is created for people who want to be "super connectors" and have an intuitive way to manage all their connections in a meaningful way. These can be...

  • cool kidz
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Community leaders
  • Community brands
  • Influences
  • People with a busy social life
  • Anyone who wants to build better social circles 😁

basically, people who have to interact with multiple new people regularly and how see value in being able to manage, maintain and connect with all their relationships in a meaningful way.

The vision

The vision for this product is to be the default way people interact with their social circles in meaningful ways. This tool would become almost like a second brain that helps you keep track of everything, no more missing important dates that are often only mentioned once or twice in conversations, remember everyone you meet for longer, plan and join local meetups in your area, build your social circle and your reputation. The product is going to feel like magic to those that use it.

Come join us

I just started working on this and have a few hands who have volunteered to join the team, we are currently looking for awesome UX experience designers, Product designers, flutter developers, technical writers/copywriters, and maybe a brand designer. The team size would be kept to a minimum so if you are interested in joining do reach out.

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