My journey of finding oneness and flow within myself and how you can too

February 23, 2022

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I’d start this article by saying this, believe that finding and maintaining “flow” is the peak of all human existence and maybe, just maybe, the real meaning of life is about finding and maintaining your flow and alignment with the universe.

A lot of people grew up in a world that has celebrated force and hustle this was largely inspired by the industrial era where everyone had to work long hours just to make a living. Most people basically had no life and no purpose because all they did was work for very long hours but times have changed... As we advance as Humans and increase our consciousness and build better and smarter tools, there has been a new wave of people who have achieved a lot of success doing less work and in fact prefer and optimize to do as little work as possible.

Have you ever watched a river flow? You notice how it tends to carry everything along in the same direction of the current. Anything that tries to go against the current is usually met with a lot of resistance. Are you currently experiencing resistance in life? Are you stressed? DO you feel like you are fighting against the current? Then my friend you might not be in flow*

Five years ago I sat on my hostel bed, I was alone... The room was well lit and the fan was blowing cool breeze and something in me told me school wasn't for me, this was not my own voice but It came from a deeper place. It was that very moment I deiced I was going to drop out and pursue the unknown...

Finding flow starts from your ability to listen to your inner voice, we all have an inner voice that gives us instructions from time to time. This voice is deeper and different from the mental chatter that often goes on in your head, I'm sure we have all experienced it at some point in our lives. But how many times do you listen to that inner voice? You see the people who optimize for flow listen to their inner voice a lot, I might even argue they listen to it all the time. But in other to do this you have to let go of your ego and plunge into the water and let it carry you to wherever you may arrive. You trust the flow is leading you to where you need to go, who you need to call, what city you need to move to. You must believe all things are in alignment when you are in flow.

It's been five years since I deiced to honor my inner voice and flow my passions, It’s definitely not been easy at all but I have enjoyed every single moment of it all. Over the past year I've built an even stronger connection to myself and I have slowly developed and built my self-image and self to a higher and higher mental paradigm. I am doing what I love to do, what the world needs, and what I am good at and I am not sure I would have gotten to this point without honoring my inner voice on that day on my hostel bed.

This voice usually comes up when you are about to make a very important decision, usually a fork in a road. The problem is we are often trying to please other people our peers, friends, and family that we go with the groupthink and ignore our inner voice

I won't recommend you do it. Yeah don't ever listen to your intuition (inner voice) Just ignore it and do what is “right” or “acceptable” I can assure you that your life would be just alright. But if you want to experience the magic of this beautiful world we are in Id love to give you the challenge of following your intuition for it would take you on a magical journey that no one else can experience but you.

As the late steve jobs once said

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice."

May you find flow in all things 🌊✨

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